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Eyewear to Fit Your Lifestyle

Trends in Eyewear

Eyewear to Fit Your Lifestyle

When it comes to living your life in your frames, whether you spend time on the soccer field, at the office, or shopping at your favorite boutiques, eyewear comes in all different shapes, sizes, and styles that can enhance your look, performance, and comfort. The choices can be overwhelming but when you consider your lifestyle you can begin to pinpoint the right frame. So read on to discover what options are in store!

Lifestyle: At the Office

If you are all about business, then some great eyewear choices are available to make life easier! Lens options are the key, be it anti-reflective lenses which eliminate glare and reduce eyestrain, or progressive lenses that improve vision at all distances. Whether you spend all day at a computer or do a lot of close-up work, eyeglasses can help you get the job done!

When it comes to finding eyewear for work, looking sharp is the key. Be bold in rectangular dark frames and try a something with some shine like a Bvlgari 4004B or Dior Black Tie 63 or Jai Kudo 516 Flex.

Lifestyle: Fashion Forward

Getting your eyewear to look as great as the rest of your ensemble is easy now with options like the Bvlgari 2032B and Chloe CL 1153. Great fashion forward eyewear focus on the details so think about options that offer you the thinnest profile in lenses, such as a combination of high index material and anti-reflective lenses.

Men have more options than ever in picking stylish frames like Versace 3095 and Lafont Ray. Men can also make a statement with bold double bridges and wide, tapered temples.

Lifestyle: Active

An active lifestyle demands great comfort and performance in eyewear design. Options range to enhance safety including polycarbonate or Trivex lenses for maximum impact resistance or custom tints to enhance contrast. Style features such as non-slip bridges, gripper temples, spring hinges, shields, wrap-arounds and venting systems are also available. Consider sporty looks like Tom Ford Angelica for women or Michael Kors MKS123 for men.

Trends in Eyewear

Have you ever wondered what eyewear styles will be here to stay and which ones are due to fade away? Well trends, as we know, come and go, but the styles that stay are tried and true and anyone, man or woman, should indulge in the trendy while remaining true to the classics. Inspired by the hit styles of the moment, these eyewear trends are designed with classical eyewear in mind, while adhering to the new and hot styles that are bracing our culture.


Geek Chic

The trend that has lasted for seasons over is the chic professor, classified with a no-nonsense approach, the low key masculine look, thick-rimmed frames in colors like black and tortoise. Sharp angles and bold square shapes give the wearer a strong, sophisticated air about them and will draw attention to the best facial features.

Retro 1950's

With the hit show "Mad Men" infiltrating the airwaves with the swinging vibe of the 1950's, eyewear designs are coming around to meet this show and even try to up show it! The trends are looking toward the classic designs of the men and women in "Mad Men" and giving their eyewear designs that bold look that includes everything from the dark rimmed glasses to the colored rims that give the wearer a certain retro pop of color.


Men this season will find lasting comfort in the eyewear designs that focus on comfort. Guys can get cozy in eyewear that is inspired by their pullover sweaters, cords, and even plaid pants. A newsboy cap, a knitted scarf, and matching knitted gloves will help take the look anywhere from the city to the country. Enhancing this look is easy with so many designs of aviators or rectangular frames that draw attention to only the best features on the face. Nature inspired details like bamboo and wood reinforce the great outdoors.


The low-maintenance apparel that yields high impact for any man that seeks results. Eyewear is focusing more and more on the technologic culture that honors comfort, style, and newness to a tee. Green inspired technologies are showing up more on frames designs with advanced options in lenses and colors of bright yellows, reds, and blues showcasing technical finishes adding shine and cutting-edge gloss. The hi-tech look is signified with wraparound shades, shield in black and white, wire frames with metal details, and crystal rims that look ultra mode while remaining classical appealing to every face tone.


60's Heroines

Taking a cue from the hit show "Mad Men," women's eyewear trends are sticking to that classic 1960's heroine inspiration that has graced so many beauties and remains to giving an enchanting impression. Hitchcock's films had a huge influence on this lasting trend, using tweeds, cashmeres, and luxurious fabrics with pops of color, eyewear designers are looking in the same direction with prim circular eye shapes, butterfly and cat-eye shapes, and tortoise color frames that suit most face tones beautifully. This looks is extremely pulled together and timeless so any frames categorized here are sure be enjoyable for seasons to come!


The eclectic woman strives to stand out above the crowd and prides herself on her individual style. That said, this idea has developed into a trend that many women are embracing even for its daring color and design choices it entails. The modern woman owns this style comfortably with mixing uptown prep school and downtown hipster with hints of gypsy panache mixed in. If you think "Gossip Girl" style, then you can't go wrong. The show prides itself on mixing and matching their characters clothes highlighting each of their unique personalities. Layering and mixing are key, lenses and frames are catching on to different logo treatments and gradient and color-tinted lenses to match the wearer's mood. This style in turn will yield a long term result because of the wearer's choice in outfitting lenses and frames to what they see as eye-catching and interesting.


Whether you desire to explore your darker side or would like to unveil the performer in you, eyewear trends are picking up on the characteristics that all women love to play! Designers are tapping into this market by letting women embrace those moods by combining intricate accents on their frames: dark, matte-finished metal eyeglasses, oversized sunglasses with intrigue, deep colors, subtle jewels, and detailed temples create a richness and sensuousness to any wearer. Playing with the dark and the romantic elements of design, frames are becoming bolder with shapes and colors that range from the delicate to the dramatic, attracting the diva in all women alike.