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Rx Lens Replacement

Replacement Prescription Lenses for Existing Frames

Need replacement lenses for existing frames? No sweat. Send them over to for an update!

Typically, eyeglass prescriptions come in two major styles - single vision and bifocal. Single vision lenses are used to correct near and farsightedness, plus astigmatisms. The entire lens is one single prescription, for full vision coverage. They're ideal for reading glasses, too, which are often narrower and sit closer to the end of your nose.

Bifocals, or progressive lenses, contain multiple prescriptions in one lens.

Our progressive lenses seamless blend bifocal prescriptions without the telltale line. You get instant coverage in both fields of vision when looking at something close-up and far away.

If you find you need a new prescription, but still like the frames that you have, no worries! We'll replace the lenses for you at a convenient low cost. To begin with, select your lens type below. We can replace the lenses for full rim glasses, semi-rimless glasses, and rimless glasses, and more. Check out our replacements for specialty rimless glasses, specialty sport sunglasses, and even lenses for children's frames!

Next, mail us your existing frames, a copy of your new prescription, and your contact information. We're more than happy to help out! We'll contact you as soon as possible to discuss your lens options, styles, and more, and fill the order. When we get your frames, we'll inspect them for durability. Some frames may not be able to withstand having new lenses installed. If your current frames appear to be too worn or have some other issue, we will contact you immediately to arrange a return at your expense. All frames are sent at your own risk.

We offer top quality service and fast turnaround. All of our prescription orders are filled at our in-house lab, which is staffed with opticians that have over 25 years of experience. We use fine, high quality frames as well as lenses from trusted brands like Essilor, Varilux, and Hoya. We offer you our 100 percent guarantee that we'll match your prescription according to the information provided.

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