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Rx Lens Prices

Our Optical Department | Top Quality Brands & Fast Turnaround

At we have been selling online for over 9 years and have proven great reviews in Google and unsolicited reviews on our testimonials page! You can trust that you will receive great quality and service regardless of whether you want single vision, progressive, or bifocal lenses.

Our single vision lenses with anti-reflective coating (for distance or for reading) start at just $69.00 (not including any additional promotions that we run from time to time). Premium anti-reflective coatings/Crizal Avance add an extra $65.00 to that price and come with a 2yr scratch guarantee and do an amazing job against scratches, smudges, and glare!

To get accurate price information for your prescription, please click "add prescription lenses" to any frame and key in your prescription information either using our 'Lens Recommender' or 'Make My Own Choices' path. This will give you the most accurate pricing which is entirely based on your prescription power.

Progressive Lenses:

All Progressive lenses are completed by Digital Eye Lab which offers the latest in HD digital lenses. These lenses are more accurate, clearer, and are completed even faster than ever before (often in less than our 5-7 day estimated lens production time)! The lenses are on the cutting edge of quality and are often better than your preferred branded Varilux or other digital lens (which is often based on older technology). A wider corridor lens (giving you especially good vision around the edges), is also available for an incremental charge. Currently, to order that as an add-on you must contact us directly (but we will soon be offering it as a lens option directly on the site).

Progressive lenses start at just $225 (minus promotions). Premium anti-scratch and glare protection can again be added for just $65. These prices do not account for any promotions that we often run which lowers these prices substantially further! As you increase the strength of your prescription, you will need the high-index 1.67 or ultra-high index 1.74 lenses to ensure the lenses are nice and thin. Those lenses are not necessary on prescriptions under a +/- 3.00.

Worried about segment heights? It's not an issue. Unless you wear the frame off the bridge of your nose we can get it just right for you (as long as you provide your PD). Any problems, dot where the center of the pupils are on the lenses and we will redo it FREE of charge!

Should you want a specific brand of single vision or progressive lenses (like Varilux or Hoya), we can have those installed at an incremental cost (though we feel the lenses we are using are just as premium and are actually better than older generation non-digital lenses). Please contact us for pricing at 212-535-4022 x1 or

We also offer a 100% guarantee that your prescription lenses will be made according to the information you provide us. Standard turnaround time is 5-7 business days (from the date we receive your prescription and PD, plus shipping time - based on your choice of shipping options).

Anti-Reflective Coatings are required because it enhances your vision, improves appearance and adds functionality to your new pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. Benefits of Anti-Reflective Coatings:

  • Increased light transmission: The light that is reflected off non-coated lenses is passed through AR coated lenses, making vision sharper and clearer
  • Reduced eyestrain: AR eliminates glare from computer screens and reflections from the sides and back of spectacle lenses, resulting in less competition with reflections and more comfortable viewing
  • Better night vision: Reflections and glare are reduced making night vision sharper, improving night driving
  • Cosmetics: AR allows the eyes to show bright and clear without the detraction of room reflections.

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