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Ordering Prescriptions

Ordering Prescriptions Including Progressives

At GlassesEtc.com, we do all types of prescription lens jobs using only the best lenses from Essilor/Hoya/ABB-Digital Eye Lab. Take advantage of our FREE return shipping label today! Try any frame for size and fit. If you decide you want to add prescription lenses, contact us via phone, email, or live chat and receive a FREE return label via email (Free return label is only available when prescription lenses are being added - otherwise we can provide this label for $9.95). Fax or email us your prescription and send the frame(s) back to us in the same box to have prescription lenses added (our lens prices are typically 20-50% below your local optician). If the lenses needed are not progressives (for distance or reading only), we can even start on the lenses before the frame is back in our possession (as our systems know the shapes of the frames and lenses can be cut as soon as we have your prescription information). Typical production time is 5-7 business days (variable depending on the strength and coatings ordered). You must consider your shipping method selected as additional delivery time.

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Need help selecting prescription lenses? View our video below on how to use our "Lens Recommendation Engine":

View Our Video on Selecting Prescription Lenses using our 'Lens Recommender':

Step 1: Select Your Prescription Lenses (or call us/email us for help)

Your options for prescription lenses materials are:


Lenses Type RX Range Description Features
Quality Lens (CR39) RX up to +/- 3.00

Quality Lenses are the most commonly prescribed lens, due to their relative safety, low cost, ease of production, and outstanding optical quality. Quality Lenses are great for prescription sunglasses due to their tintability factor.

  • - Low Cost
  • - Great for Prescription Sunglasses & Tinted Jobs
  • - Thinner & Lighter than glass lenses
Polycarbonate Lens RX up to +/- 5.00

Polycarbonate Lenses provides maximum impact resistance making it the material of choice for children, sports enthusiasts and rimless frames.

  • - Superior impact resistance
  • - Thin & Lightweight
  • - Durable
  • - 100% UV Protection
Trivex Lens* RX up to +/- 5.00

Trivex Lenses is impact resistant and offers superior optical quality specially when used on tinted jobs. Along with Polycarbonate and the various High-Index plastics, Trivex is a lab favorite for use in rimless frames.

  • - Superior impact resistance
  • - Thin & Lightweight
  • - Durable
  • - 100% UV Protection
Hi Index Lens Rx from +/- 3.00 to
+/- 8.00

Hi Index Lenses can reduce the thickness and weight of an eyeglass lens, particularly for individuals with a strong prescription. Hi Index material allows less magnification and distortion resulting in a greater cosmetic appeal to the wearer.

  • - Thin & Stylish
  • - Less Magnification & Distortion
  • - Greater Cosmetic Appeal
  • - Strong & Durable
  • - 90-100% UV Protection
Ultra Hi Index Lens Rx above +/- 6.00

Ultra High Index Lenses are the thinnest, flattest, and most cosmetically appealing lens ever developed. The highest index materials are used primarily for the strongest prescriptions.

  • - Thin & Stylish
  • - Less Magnification & Distortion
  • - Greatest Cosmetic Appeal
  • - Strong & Durable
  • - 90-100% UV Protection

*Trivex lenses are available upon request.

We recommend Anti Reflective Coatings to everyone because it will enhance your vision, improve appearance and add functionality to your new pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. Benefits of Anti Reflective Coatings:

  • - Increased light transmission: The light that is reflected off non-coated lenses is passed through AR coated lenses, making vision sharper and clearer.
  • - Reduced eyestrain: AR eliminates glare from computer screens and reflections from the sides and back of spectacle lenses, resulting in less competition with reflections and more comfortable viewing.
  • - Better night vision: Reflections and glare are reduced making night vision sharper, improving night driving.
  • - Cosmetics: AR allows the eyes to show bright and clear without the detraction of room reflections.

Your options for Anti Reflective Coatings are:

House Anti
Reflective Coating

Low cost, great benefits. The House AR Coating last about 2 years and features anti reflective properties only.

Premium AR/Crizal

Premium AR lenses/Crizal Avance come with a FREE 2-Year manufacturer replacement program (one free replacement on any scratches within the first two years of purchase). The coatings combine Anti Reflective, Anti Scratch, Anti Smudge and Dust Repellent features.

If you are not sure which lens type your prescription requires, please:

Call Us
212 533 4022
Fax It To Us To The Same Number
(we have a modern digital fax):
212 533 4022

Step 2: Verify Your Prescription Information

After completing your order we will need to verify your prescription information and keep a copy on file for documentation purposes.Your options on submitting your prescription are:


You may fax your prescription information to 212 535 4022 or request your Doctor's office to do so.


Simply reply to your order confirmation email with the prescription information. Please make sure include all information available for Right Eye (OD), Left Eye (OS), Add Power (ADD) and Pupillary Distance (PD).

Please contact my Doctor for Rx

We will be happy to contact your Doctor to obtain your prescription information however please be aware that sometimes they are not allowed to release personal medical information to a third party without your consent. If that is the case, we will contact you by phone or email for an alternate option to obtain your prescription.

Returning Customers

We keep records for 2 years, however we will not fill your prescription if your eye exam took place more than 2 years before the date of your order, without your written consent.

Once the order is placed and prescription has been verified, we will start the lenses production immediately. The average turnaround for lenses is 5-7 business days. Ultra Hi Index lens may take longer than others because of its required coating process.

Step 3: Final Inspection

We guarantee to fill your prescription to the exact specifications you provide us. All prescription eyeglasses undergo precise final inspection for prescription accuracy, frame symmetry and materials before it is shipped out.

You may use your existing frame to have new lenses installed whenever your prescription changes. Simply mail your existing frame to us along with a copy of your new prescription and your contact information. We will contact you to discuss your lens options and place a phone order for the lenses of your choice.

Upon arrival at our warehouse, we will inspect your current frame and if we believe we are not able to proceed with the order for any reason, we will call/email you to make arrangements for the shipping of the frame back, which will be at your own expense.

For customers wishing to send us frames that are worn-out, please be aware that your existing frame may not withstand the pressure of having new lenses installed. Proceeding with new lens installation into an existing frame will be at the Customer's own risk.

GlassesEtc.com will not be held liable if your current frame breaks during this process.

GlassesEtc.com is now using HD (Free-Form Lenses) standard! What's that mean for you? And even better viewing experience and faster turnaround times at a very good price! Order for yourself or call us at 212-535-4022 during business hours for help in selecting the right lenses for you!

The most popular type of high-definition eyeglass lenses are called free-form lenses (that's what we use in all progressive lenses). The term "free-form" refers to an advanced manufacturing process that reduces higher-order aberrations (minor errors) such as spherical aberration that occur in eyeglass lenses created with traditional eyeglass lens manufacturing tools and processes.

High-definition lenses are designed to provide sharper vision in all conditions and reduced glare for nighttime driving.

With free-form lenses (also called digital high-definition lenses), the fabrication of the lenses from wearer's eyeglass prescription is optimized with computer-controlled surfacing equipment that is much more precise than conventional tools.

Why go online with the fear that you may get some terrible lens? We've heard the horror stories! Order with us and get the same if not better lens than you will receive form your local optician and at prices typically 30%-50% less!

Are you use to another lens instead of our cutting edge HD digital lenses? Just call us and we can typically install it for a very reasonable incremental charge.

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