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Frameless Eyeglass Frames

Break out of default mode and ditch the rims on your next set of eyeglasses. They're fashionable and classic, and can give you a distinct look without a lot of fuss.

Lighten up! Frames, even thin ones, add weight to your face, and can leave uncomfortable, red imprints on your nose. Cutting edge technology helps scale it back. The lenses also made of super strong materials so that the arms can be drilled directly into them. They're more durable without being heavier.

They're incredibly stylish, too. Frameless glasses leave a distinct impression, drawing the viewers' attention to your eyes and your conversation, rather than what is going on around them. Wearing glasses makes you appear more successful and intelligent, while not wearing glasses is seen as more attracted. A pair of frameless glasses lets you have a little bit of both worlds!

They're even favored by some of the movers and shakers of the pop culture and political world. Get a pair of frameless glasses like Stephen Colbert or Sara Palin.

Shop our selection of rimless eyeglasses, including those with titanium frames. We have brand name, designer specs at half the cost. Check out these great deals on frameless eye glasses up to 50 percent off.