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Oversized Sunglasses

Hello, 1960s, we're glad you're sticking around in the form of fashionable oversized sunglasses. Popularized by fashion icons like Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn, oversized sunnies are as stylish and timeless as they are practical.

Oversized sunglasses are a great way to get around incognito, so you can sneak into the grocery store in your sweatpants and not talk to anyone. But better yet, they're quite practical! Their oversized construction provides the eyes even more protection, saving you from eye damage and wrinkles.

Tom Ford Sunglasses<br>Jennifer FT 0008Retail Price: $462.95
Our Price: $259.95
Tom Ford Sunglasses<br>Whitney FT 0009Retail Price: $462.95
Our Price: $259.95

Oversized glasses should fit comfortably on your face without touching your cheeks. If you smile, they shouldn't lift off your face. They should frame your face without overpowering it, so you look chic, but not bug-eyed.

Want to wear them, but don't need them on your face? Wear them as a headband for a trendy twist.

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