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Rx Lens Replacement

Replacement Prescription Lenses for Existing Frames

Your Prescription has changed and you just need new lenses?

Start by selecting your frame type below and add the lenses to the shopping cart!

You may use your existing frame to have new lenses installed whenever your prescription changes. Simply mail your existing frame to us along with a copy of your new prescription and your contact information. We will contact you to discuss your lens options and place a phone order for the lenses of your choice.

Upon arrival at our warehouse, we will inspect your current frame and if we believe we are not able to proceed with the order for any reason, we will call/email you to make arrangements for the shipping of the frame back, which will be at your own expense.

For customers wishing to send us frames that are worn-out, please be aware that your existing frame may not withstand the pressure of having new lenses installed. Proceeding with new lens installation into an existing frame will be at the Customer's own risk.

Please note: After ordering lenses, send the frame with tracking information (as we are not responsible for packages lost on return)

Our return shipping address is: Returns 1441 Broadway 6th Floor Suite 6031 New York, NY 10018

Replacement Lenses for<br>Full Rim GlassesReplacement Lenses for<br>Semi Rimless GlassesReplacement Lenses for<br>Rimless Glasses
Replacement Lenses for<br>Specialty Rimless Glasses<br>Kawazaki, 2.5 Eyephorics and SwissflexReplacement Lenses for<br>Specialty Rimless Glasses<br>SilhouetteReplacement Lenses for<br>Specialty Sport Sunglasses<br>Liberty Sport
Replacement Lenses for<br>Specialty Protective Eyewear<br>Liberty SportReplacement Lenses for<br>Glasses for KidsReplacement Lenses for<br>Specialty Wrap Sport Sunglasses